COVID-19 Support

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    You don’t have to feel isolated, traumatized or unsure how to move forward during these challenging times surrounding COVID-19.

    Hi, I’m Karen Proctor, Founder & Certified Life Coach of Greenleaf Life Coaching.

    During these unprecedented times many of us need support, especially when faced with the traumatic effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.  It’s important to know that you are not alone, and you can regain your will, mitigate fear and eliminate stress.

    Our local and global communities are experiencing deep life struggles.  I will help you build strength and endurance by allowing you to see what’s possible through a new angle, with manageable steps for genuine progress.

    Confidential and free, no-obligation consultation

    I welcome you to explore the many benefits that a life coach can provide.  Working with the right coach can result in remarkable positive changes, improvements in relationships and quality of life overall. I invite you to get started with a confidential, free no-obligation consultation for those in Westchester County, NY and beyond.

    Our sessions can be conducted via phone or video conference.

    Please contact me today to get started on your way to a better life, even through COVID-19.