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Hi, I’m Karen Proctor.  I founded Greenleaf Life Coaching and became a Certified Life Coach to help men and women just like you realize greater possibilities for a happier, more fulfilled life.

At an early age, I too experienced a multitude of life challenges, as well as trauma.  Because of these life-altering circumstances, for years I wrestled with self-doubt and conflict, along with struggles in school and relationships.  As I grew older, I realized I needed to make a powerful change in my life, to shift my perspective, to reprogram the belief system that was holding me back from the life I desired.   I needed to trust people and find those who would help and support my new-found journey. With this, I went back to school and discovered a deep sense of accomplishment when I graduated with high-honors earning my Bachelor’s Degree and thereafter, my Master’s Degree.  Now, I live the life of my dreams with family and friends.

My goal is to help you discover an alternative deliverance for progress, not perfection. I want you to recognize that which is holding you back, to accept your past, while empowering your future, and to experience true freedom and find the beauty in life.


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Many men and women feel stuck because of life struggles, relationship issues, PTSD, work-life balance challenges or changes in a career path. You may feel overwhelmed, lost and confused. I can help. At Greenleaf Life Coaching, I listen with an empathetic and trained ear to pinpoint what’s blocking you from the life you desire, while providing opportunities for growth from self-sabotaging and limiting behaviors. Although my office is in Rye, NY in Westchester County, I can help those located everywhere virtually via phone and video conferencing. I’ll work with you one-on-one to shift your perspectives and beliefs, allowing you to see what’s possible through a new angle, with manageable steps for positive change.

Deepen Relationships

Become your best self and deepen relationships around you.

Gain Clarity

Find balance and purpose in your life.

Shift Your Perspective

See what’s possible through a new angle.

Foster Change

Create a meaningful and satisfying life.

Overcome Obstacles

Mitigate fear and self-sabotaging behaviors.

Create New Habits

Become more confident and self-empowered.

Achieve Goals

Break down steps into manageable pieces.

“you’re one decision away from a better future”



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