Balanced Diet, Balanced Mind

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    Eating the right foods can play a critical role in enhancing our mood and mind.  Important minerals, vitamins and nutrients keep the body and mind healthy and strong.

    Here are the benefits a balanced diet can provide:

    More Energy

    Our goal is to maintain our energy levels through the day, without high spikes from artificial ingredients.  Eating well-balanced meals throughout the day allow for a level-base of energy, from morning, to noon, to night.  Consuming lean protein every 3-4 hours helps prevent unnecessary snacking.  Foods that are also iron-rich, like dark leafy greens, can help boost energy and oxygen to working muscles and the brain.

    Better Sleep

    Getting a proper night’s rest is vital to fuel the brain and its ability to perform at a high level.  Poor eating habits can cause digestive issues and toxins which are released into the body, making it difficult to sleep.  Making sure you eat well-balanced meals, and at evenly spaced intervals, allows your body to prepare and relax for sleep.

    Brain Power

    Omega 3 fatty acids, found in foods such as kiwi, walnuts and avocado, help the brain’s ability to learn and improve memory.  They also help to fight off a myriad of debilitating mental disorders including depression, dementia and schizophrenia.

    By eating well-balanced meals throughout the day and avoiding highly-processed artificial ingredients, you increase your chances for a balanced mind and mood.

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    Source:  Snap Fitness

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    Hi, I’m Karen Proctor, Founder & Certified Life Coach of Greenleaf Life Coaching. I listen with an empathetic and trained ear to offer life coaching services for men and women in Westchester County, NY and beyond.  Whether you have deep life struggles, PTSD, work-life balance concerns or changes in your career, I can help.  Together, we’ll build strength by pinpointing what’s blocking you from the life you desire, allowing you to see what’s possible through a new angle, with manageable steps for genuine progress.